The English Majors Association (EMA) is an undergraduate academic & professional student organization. We provide an active literary community that fosters ideas, awareness, activities, and friendships at UCR through English discourse. Our interests include:

  • Providing an open-minded environment that values individual intellect, opinion, and creativity.
  • Participating in on-campus & off-campus English related events and activities.
  • Seeking opportunities for student interaction amongst English Department faculty and staff.
  • Sharing crucial information regarding English major requirements, courses, graduation, career opportunities, and graduate school.
  • Assisting the English Department, volunteering, tutoring, and mentoring.
  • Supporting one another in course work through discussing, proofreading, and editing papers; as well as, forming group-study sessions.
  • Increasing interconnectivity amongst students and building friendships.
  • Facilitating members proposals for EMA projects and events.